Mayhem 1


Mayhem is a Norweigian Black Metal Band with a violent history. They have sold exactly 1.5 CD, the 0.5 meaning one had nothing on it.


Euronymous - He is known for encouraging Dead to kill himself, and making necklaces out of his skull, because necklaces are really brutal.

Loki - Transformed the band into Norway's favorite pop glam band, wore lots of pink and put lots of kittens onstage.

Dead - Arguably the first emo, he slit his wrists onstage and shot himself in the head years before Kurt Cobain did. For this reason Kurt is regarded as a poser by all of the pop community.

Necrobutcher - Believed to be a closet homosexual, he hides behind his name and his bass guitar.

Fluffy Kitten - She was the typical female vocalist who attracted attention to the band, she got killed for not being kvlt enough by 13 year old Black Metallers who said it was like their favorite Fantasy game.